Fiction Friday (two days late)

I did this for Fiction Friday before I realized it was Sunday, and then added this note beforehand. XD Sorry about that!

Hands trembling, she opened the envelope.


The lawyer’s call had been terse, his voice stretched thin. Hannah couldn’t tell whether it was by time or events, but either way, he wasn’t in the mood to talk. “I can’t talk about it over the phone. Just look at it when it comes. It’s important,” he’d said.


You have to look.


She slipped her hand into the thick manila, taking hold of the thick sheaf of papers inside, and pulled them out onto her desk.


Hannah was no attorney, and she was grateful for the yellow post-its stuck to the front.


This is your father’s will, recorded on January 28th, 2009, the first one read. The second: There are notes on the major points you asked about.


She flipped past the first few pages. He’d left his antique chess set to Millicent, of course. Other than that, it was what she expected — divided three ways, between herself, Millicent, and Andrew.


Hannah stopped, tilted her head. The will ended, but there were several more pages.


The document was not one stapled document, but two.


The note on the front of the second stapled document read: These are the 2008 revisions. Do not send these to Hannah.


2011? Hannah thought. Why on earth would he have revised it in 2011?


She blinked, lifted up the pages, and for the first time ever, surrounded in dense legalese, read the name ‘Amy Parker’.


The name was not the surprising part. The surprising part was the rest of the sentence that the name was in.


I am revising the following clauses, in light of my marriage to Amy Parker.

I know it’s not much, but I like this idea, and I think it might actually grow into something eventually. ^_^

Fingers crossed!



Two Things/Dented

It’s been a hell of a last few days. As far as the wife and I can tell, we aren’t missing anybody we know, and we count ourselves very, very lucky for that. Not everybody was so lucky, though.

I really only want to say two things regarding the Pulse massacre, but because typing is basically my native thought mode, they might end up being fairly bulky things. >.>

One: If you’re straight, go tell one of your queer friends they matter to you. You might think they know it, and maybe they do. It’s still always nice to hear. Better, give them a hug, if you can. If you value your queer friends, if you love them and you want them to keep their chin up, this is a thing you can do right now, right this minute, to help them a little bit.

Two: Yes, there are always going to be outliers like Omar Mateen, people motivated by pain and fury, unbound by reason or empathy. You can’t control what lurks in the human heart. BUT. Let’s make it painfully clear to them that LGBT people aren’t second class citizens in the eyes of the law. If you’re in Orlando, advocate protections for LGBT people. Push for nondiscrimination ordinances. Orlando the community is in pain, but Orlando the city needs to do better. #IamPulse

I won’t lie, I’m dented. My calm has been disturbed, if it was calm in the first place. I am not powerful. I am not a public speaker, I am not a community leader, I’m not a security guard. I’m not even someone who feels comfortable in public.

I am not a lot of things, but I am one thing: Motivated.

Words and food are about the only two things I have a modicum of success at, and I don’t work food service any more (although it was one of the better jobs I’ve had in my life.) I’m a writer now.

So I’m going to spin motivation into words, because it’s what I do with my anger and anguish and fury and hopelessness.

I’m looking forward to my next release, and it’s a good feeling. 🙂

Dark Admission

I’m going to tell a secret here, and it is one that has haunted me to keep.

I don’t like dark chocolate.

There. I said it. I don’t like dark chocolate, I have never liked dark chocolate, and I suspect I will never like dark chocolate. I love milk chocolate! I like semi-sweet. I like white chocolate!

I do not like dark chocolate, and that has basically become A Big Thing with chocolate. It’s everywhere. I have no idea what happened that made people like it so much, but it is just everywhere. Nobody seems to like milk chocolate any more.

Except me.

So Easter is that special time of year now when I can get lots of milk chocolate and not have to scrutinize each thing. “Caramel! Great. Sea salt? Awesome! Wrapped in . . . dark chocolate. Ah. Unfortunate.”

I’m not judging, and please don’t think I would. Everybody has a unique and personal palate. I just . . . I don’t like dark chocolate.

Positive Feedback Is So Soothing

Things people are saying about Executive Privilege:

  • “I only put it down to sleep. Fun read for those interested in an edgier lesbian romance. Reminded me of my favorite Harlequin romances. I’m hoping for a sequel.
  • “I really enjoyed this book. A good mix of romance and intrigue. The BDSM added an interesting, hot twist to the story. I hope that there is a sequel. I would like to know what happens with Alex and Cathy. I’m definitely going to read more books by this author.”
  • “I loved the book but I felt it only scratched the surface… I was left wanting more and hope that is a follow up to this soon.”
  • “As a lover of BDSM themed lesbian stories… this was right up my alley. Near the end it did get a bit predictable. Overall pleasantly surprised and looking forward to more of her lesbian themed work.”

They like me! They really like me! ^___^

Confession Time

I confess: I love science and technology.

That might seem like a really weird confession, but let me tell you what, it’s not exactly the easiest love to have when you’re a woman. The mansplain factor goes through the roof in some circumstances. Tech support is a frequent “first career” for a lot of young technology enthusiasts (it was for me) and the number of times someone underestimates you because you’re female is at first insulting, then absurd, then depressing at times and infuriating at others.

The insidious part is that it makes you allergic to explanation. I got so good at avoiding having people explain things to me that I slowly ensured I could only learn from books, tutorials, or anything that didn’t involve a person. (Well, it’s a thing I’m working on.)

You might wonder where I’m going with this. Lesbians Who Tech is where I’m going with this. Leanne Pittsford has created something awesome for women like me, and more importantly, younger women like me.

In my previous career (arguably my second one, as I count the melange of tech support, customer service, and retail as my first), I had a technical job and I still had inordinate insecurity about my skills and capabilities. I became involved with LWT, and I don’t have enough time in the day to say good things about them. They’re uniquely positioned to help network young women who are frequently left high and dry by ‘typical’ women’s professional organizations, and they don’t play the identity police game — they have goals and help is welcome from anybody.

One of my goals this year is to start going to their meetings again. It was always a great time, it was always good people, and I always learned something, whether it was about a new tech I hadn’t had the courage to ask Real People about or people I hadn’t even thought of connecting to.

Bottom line: It’s a fantastic organization, and if you’ve got an ambition of being Alex Winters someday, LWT would be a huge asset in that endeavor. ^_^

Lucky Me

Executive Privilege is doing pretty damned great, and I have never considered myself so lucky as I do right now. I have the best woman in the world watching my back, a great career, fantastic readers that are making it possible, and there’s great potential in the future. Can’t ask for more than that!

I had wondered last year if EP would end up being a series. I am no longer wondering! There’s definitely going to be a follow-up later this year, and I know it’ll be worth it too. ^.^


Ages ago, when I was but a young, cynical lass clambering through my early twenties, I ordered myself the first sex toy I ever had, through the mail, and had it delivered to a P. O. Box.

I ordered it from Blowfish through their catalog. (Red jelly rubber vibe, with a little “remote control” style battery case. 😀 Cheap, but effective!) Once I could access their site reliably that became a browsing point for me, and several more toys followed.

I still look at their new site now and then, but I still remember the paper catalogs, god. I felt like I’d leveled up in adulthood, and it was a big step for me in taking some control of my sexuality.

Anyway — never mind the nostalgia. 😀 Just thinking back over a dirty, dirty life. ^.^

WOOHOO! Everything is done on Executive Privilege!

All the editing (for the first edition), all the formatting fixes, all the massaging in Scrvener and then in Draft2Digital, all of it, it’s all done, it’s all DONE DONE DONE!

I have never been so friggin’ happy to be finished with something. Even the novels I wrote during NaNo, I was just happy to be done beating a keyboard into submission — Executive Privilege has actually taken way longer than I’d intended. But! Baby steps. And what I learned writing this one, I can use to make the next ones painless in the new year.This was a really great way to finish up 2015, too!

And now, don’t mind me. I’m gonna take a couple days off. ^.^


Sometimes, y’know, it’s really motivating to have a deadline. I suppose that’s not the case for everybody (and the FSM knows I’ve slipped many in my life), but the most recent one I’ve set up has actually been deeply motivating. The last few thousand words of my WIP (a novel-length lesbian romance with a few kind-of experimental touches) have been a real challenge, and it’s really great to get back to producing words. Then, I’ve just got (shudder) four chapters of editing, and I can get it all done by the deadline I’ve laid out.

Should be interesting to see what people think of the book, and it should be very interesting to see if the deadline has the intended effect on making folks aware of it, too! ^.^

Anyway — I should be getting back to making more words, not congratulating myself for the ones I’ve already made.