A Dream Two Decades In The Making

Over twenty years ago, I sat down at a Laser 128 computer and fired up AppleWorks, intent on writing my first novel. I believe I got about four pages of it before I realized I didn’t know what I was doing, and resolved to get better at writing so I could actually write something that wasn’t terrible.

I’ve read hundreds of books since then, a fair chunk of them about writing as craft and story structure. I’ve written several million words over those two decades, a lot of them in the past four years.

Thirteen-year-old me had no idea it’d take this long, and no idea it’d ever actually occur, but here we are, and I have just put the revised edition of Executive Privilege up for publication through CreateSpace, which I cannot recommend enough. Making a print layout is a big damned hassle, but CreateSpace dials it down to a minimum.

The best part of this is not that I’ve got a print book going on sale. The best part?

This is only my first book. ^_^ I dreamed of being a novelist, and now I am a novelist. I tell stories and people like them enough that they spend time and money to read them.

The path I took here was not what I intended nor expected, but hot damn, I’ll take it! ^_^