Fiction Friday (two days late)

I did this for Fiction Friday before I realized it was Sunday, and then added this note beforehand. XD Sorry about that!

Hands trembling, she opened the envelope.


The lawyer’s call had been terse, his voice stretched thin. Hannah couldn’t tell whether it was by time or events, but either way, he wasn’t in the mood to talk. “I can’t talk about it over the phone. Just look at it when it comes. It’s important,” he’d said.


You have to look.


She slipped her hand into the thick manila, taking hold of the thick sheaf of papers inside, and pulled them out onto her desk.


Hannah was no attorney, and she was grateful for the yellow post-its stuck to the front.


This is your father’s will, recorded on January 28th, 2009, the first one read. The second: There are notes on the major points you asked about.


She flipped past the first few pages. He’d left his antique chess set to Millicent, of course. Other than that, it was what she expected — divided three ways, between herself, Millicent, and Andrew.


Hannah stopped, tilted her head. The will ended, but there were several more pages.


The document was not one stapled document, but two.


The note on the front of the second stapled document read: These are the 2008 revisions. Do not send these to Hannah.


2011? Hannah thought. Why on earth would he have revised it in 2011?


She blinked, lifted up the pages, and for the first time ever, surrounded in dense legalese, read the name ‘Amy Parker’.


The name was not the surprising part. The surprising part was the rest of the sentence that the name was in.


I am revising the following clauses, in light of my marriage to Amy Parker.

I know it’s not much, but I like this idea, and I think it might actually grow into something eventually. ^_^

Fingers crossed!