Two Things/Dented

It’s been a hell of a last few days. As far as the wife and I can tell, we aren’t missing anybody we know, and we count ourselves very, very lucky for that. Not everybody was so lucky, though.

I really only want to say two things regarding the Pulse massacre, but because typing is basically my native thought mode, they might end up being fairly bulky things. >.>

One: If you’re straight, go tell one of your queer friends they matter to you. You might think they know it, and maybe they do. It’s still always nice to hear. Better, give them a hug, if you can. If you value your queer friends, if you love them and you want them to keep their chin up, this is a thing you can do right now, right this minute, to help them a little bit.

Two: Yes, there are always going to be outliers like Omar Mateen, people motivated by pain and fury, unbound by reason or empathy. You can’t control what lurks in the human heart. BUT. Let’s make it painfully clear to them that LGBT people aren’t second class citizens in the eyes of the law. If you’re in Orlando, advocate protections for LGBT people. Push for nondiscrimination ordinances. Orlando the community is in pain, but Orlando the city needs to do better. #IamPulse

I won’t lie, I’m dented. My calm has been disturbed, if it was calm in the first place. I am not powerful. I am not a public speaker, I am not a community leader, I’m not a security guard. I’m not even someone who feels comfortable in public.

I am not a lot of things, but I am one thing: Motivated.

Words and food are about the only two things I have a modicum of success at, and I don’t work food service any more (although it was one of the better jobs I’ve had in my life.) I’m a writer now.

So I’m going to spin motivation into words, because it’s what I do with my anger and anguish and fury and hopelessness.

I’m looking forward to my next release, and it’s a good feeling. 🙂