Dark Admission

I’m going to tell a secret here, and it is one that has haunted me to keep.

I don’t like dark chocolate.

There. I said it. I don’t like dark chocolate, I have never liked dark chocolate, and I suspect I will never like dark chocolate. I love milk chocolate! I like semi-sweet. I like white chocolate!

I do not like dark chocolate, and that has basically become A Big Thing with chocolate. It’s everywhere. I have no idea what happened that made people like it so much, but it is just everywhere. Nobody seems to like milk chocolate any more.

Except me.

So Easter is that special time of year now when I can get lots of milk chocolate and not have to scrutinize each thing. “Caramel! Great. Sea salt? Awesome! Wrapped in . . . dark chocolate. Ah. Unfortunate.”

I’m not judging, and please don’t think I would. Everybody has a unique and personal palate. I just . . . I don’t like dark chocolate.