I got a glowing review from Queercentric Books! ^_^ Two bits that felt really good from it:

Damaged Goods by Sydney Falk is a complete mind play of a book. I loved every second of it.

Damaged Goods made me question every move that was made. Then, it made me really question the sanity of Melissa, many, many times. I think even though I’ve finished the book and skimmed it a couple more times, I’m done questioning. I like that after I’ve turned the last page my brain is still thinking. In the end, all I can really say is, well played, Sydney Falk. Well played.


Lucky Me

Executive Privilege is doing pretty damned great, and I have never considered myself so lucky as I do right now. I have the best woman in the world watching my back, a great career, fantastic readers that are making it possible, and there’s great potential in the future. Can’t ask for more than that!

I had wondered last year if EP would end up being a series. I am no longer wondering! There’s definitely going to be a follow-up later this year, and I know it’ll be worth it too. ^.^


Ages ago, when I was but a young, cynical lass clambering through my early twenties, I ordered myself the first sex toy I ever had, through the mail, and had it delivered to a P. O. Box.

I ordered it from Blowfish through their catalog. (Red jelly rubber vibe, with a little “remote control” style battery case. 😀 Cheap, but effective!) Once I could access their site reliably that became a browsing point for me, and several more toys followed.

I still look at their new site now and then, but I still remember the paper catalogs, god. I felt like I’d leveled up in adulthood, and it was a big step for me in taking some control of my sexuality.

Anyway — never mind the nostalgia. 😀 Just thinking back over a dirty, dirty life. ^.^