WOOHOO! Everything is done on Executive Privilege!

All the editing (for the first edition), all the formatting fixes, all the massaging in Scrvener and then in Draft2Digital, all of it, it’s all done, it’s all DONE DONE DONE!

I have never been so friggin’ happy to be finished with something. Even the novels I wrote during NaNo, I was just happy to be done beating a keyboard into submission — Executive Privilege has actually taken way longer than I’d intended. But! Baby steps. And what I learned writing this one, I can use to make the next ones painless in the new year.This was a really great way to finish up 2015, too!

And now, don’t mind me. I’m gonna take a couple days off. ^.^


Sometimes, y’know, it’s really motivating to have a deadline. I suppose that’s not the case for everybody (and the FSM knows I’ve slipped many in my life), but the most recent one I’ve set up has actually been deeply motivating. The last few thousand words of my WIP (a novel-length lesbian romance with a few kind-of experimental touches) have been a real challenge, and it’s really great to get back to producing words. Then, I’ve just got (shudder) four chapters of editing, and I can get it all done by the deadline I’ve laid out.

Should be interesting to see what people think of the book, and it should be very interesting to see if the deadline has the intended effect on making folks aware of it, too! ^.^

Anyway — I should be getting back to making more words, not congratulating myself for the ones I’ve already made.